Thursday, May 24, 2012

Portraits and Loss

Andrew Wyeth's father, N. C. Wyeth, died in an accident, when Andrew was a young man. I was really moved, listening to this interview, that he regretted having never gotten around to painting a portrait of his dad before he died. "I made drawings of him, but nothing important, and I think that was a great tragedy of my life when he was killed, that I hadn't done it."

Portrait of the Artist's Mother - gouache - 7 x 9"
It made me wonder, too, how when my mother was dying, I felt like I HAD TO do her portrait. Maybe it was my way of processing the grief... Maybe it was because I was thinking about her so much...
She would have moments when she seemed to be aware, and other moments, gone.

Portrait of the Artist's Mother #2 - watercolor pencils - 10 x 10"
Here's to you, Mom! I love you!

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  1. Your Mom's portrait is so beautiful and full of love for you. Your skill in portraiture is not only evident here but, your sincerity in protraying heart felt emotive power for her is there too. It made me cry....

    1. Awww... That's the best thing you could have said. Thank you. Yes, I keep the one where she is looking at me in my bedroom, and it warms my heart to look at it.


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