Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Painting at Napa Country Iris Garden

Goddess of the Rainbow - oil on museum-quality panel - 6x8"
The iris is the goddess of the rainbow, according to classical mythology, so I thought that would be a fitting title for this painting. I had gone with a painting group to the Napa Country Iris Garden. We have been having a lot of cool windy weather here by the Bay, but up in the wine country, of Napa, it was warm and beautiful! There were so many wonderful irises, it was hard to choose which to paint. But I liked this one because of the subtle warm/cool color shifts. I had decided beforehand not to rush with the painting, because so often when I get in a hurry, I end up with a painting I don't like. This one I do like!

Irises only bloom for such a short time, which makes them even more precious. All the irises here are ruffled varieties which are newer than the plain irises. Here are some more pictures of the irises for you to enjoy--


The iris garden was open for business while I was there, and many people were strolling through, picking out their flowers. Even a bus stopped, and people got out and were enjoying the scent and colors. The owners were very friendly and talking with everyone. They welcome artists, and said classes from some of the art schools come to paint!

I hope you will get out and enjoy the springtime! And if you enjoy reading this, please forward it to your friends. I love to have my work shared!