Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Exhibit in El Cerrito

...Deepening Shadows...
8" x 10" - oil
I am participating in the ECAA Plein Air Artists Exhibit at El Cerrito City Hall Gallery. This is an Art in Public Places gallery. It is new and really nice! There will be a reception on January 21, which I'd really like to attend... But I'll be at the California Art Club Winter Art Symposium
Ah, so many wonderful things!

Monday, January 2, 2012


charcoal on paper - 18 x 13"

This portrait was commissioned by the parents, but the dad told the mom that I didn't have time to finish it before Christmas, so he could surprise her with it as a Christmas gift! Ava is about a year old in this drawing. I made it rather detailed in the face, but kept the rest of the drawing loose and sketchy. In fact, I sprinkled the paper with charcoal powder and sprayed it with acetone to add texture. I really like the effect, and hope to do more with charcoal in the coming year!

Meanwhile, Oscar is delighted that this year he went from Santa's naughty list, to the nice list! (You don't want to know how he got on the naughty list!) I hope he has had a successful rehab... At least, Santa brought lots of catnip!

May you have a wonderful year!