Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Twisted Road to the Golden Gate

Road to the Golden Gate - oil on panel - 5" x 7"
Here is another view of the bridge, from Marin Headlands. It is wonderful that the state of California has set aside so much land for parks, which makes this area great for artists and outdoor recreation enthusiasts!

On this day, there was "patchy fog." It was my first time in Marin Headlands, and I got lost, but I followed the road, which I figured had to go somewhere. If worse came to worse, I could always hit the "go home" command on the GPS. There were lots of friendly tourists in the park. Further down the road I met a nice couple who had driven here from Iowa, with their two dogs. I took their picture with the bridge in the background.

This painting is on a museum-quality panel, and may be displayed on a table easel or framed and hung on the wall. It is $75 and shipped for free! Click here to buy. Click here to see my other paintings on my website.

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