Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Patterns in Red and Black

Patterns in Red and Black - 6 x 6" - oil on panel
Some pictures just ask to be painted! I was in Huntington, WV, with my artist buddies, Linda and Judy. We came upon a sidewalk cafe, and the colors and shadows were great! I said that it was too bad no one was sitting at the cafe... Well, Linda and Judy didn't miss a beat. They ran over and sat down! I whipped out my camera, and just then, a couple came down the street, both dressed in black! Was this not too perfect?

I painted this using the "Zorn Palette" of yellow ochre, red, black, and white. This makes some colors impossible to mix, but gives the work an internal color harmony. I also connected the darks to make for a better composition. If you look at it with half-closed eyes, you just see it as a pattern.

I welcome comments on this painting! Would you have used the Zorn palette? Or do you have other favorite colors?

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