Sunday, February 12, 2012

As the Sun Sets behind Mt. Tam...

...As the Sun Sets Behind Mt. Tam...
6" x 6" - oil on museum quality panel

Here is a scene from the Richmond Marina. I was inspired to paint this because of that strip of water in the middle that is positively glowing! I love the huge skies here! The sunsets and sunrises are wonderful. In the background is the ship, SS Red Oak Victory, which was build right here at the Kaiser Shipyards during WW II. It is a museum now.

Feedburner did not pick up my last blog post, I have no idea why. I have signed-on with Mail Chimp so that, hopefully, this and future posts will be delivered to your email box. If you want to see the last post, please click to read this on the internet, and it is there. I expect to be posting more frequently in the future.

 Also, people have asked if my work is for sale, and how they can buy it, so click on my gallery at Daily Paintworks on the blog sidebar or my Website, and there is a link with a Paypal button. My small works are very reasonably priced, unframed. And the shipping is free! (in the US)

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