Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sometimes My Sense of Humor Gets the Best of Me...

Cupid's Wisdom
Oil on canvas - 6x6"

I hope the writing on the purple heart is large enough to read on your monitor. I did it with a 3 haired brush.
This is sort of an "in joke" with some crazy artists I was painting with last week, in Texas, at Andreeva Academy. One morning, one of the guys wore an Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirt with the words DUMP HER on the front.

Then, one of the women, deciding it can work both ways, wrote DUMP HIM on the front of her shirt. This kind of started a mock feud between them.
So, the painting was my way of weighing-in on the subject. But wouldn't it be funny if the candy hearts were as off-the-wall as T-shirts? At least paintings of them can be!


  1. I love this piece, Linda. Very funny, and love the photos to back it up.

  2. Oh Linda, you are so good! I love the humor and the metallic paintng. And, the placement of the shapes works so well. This painting will have lots of meaning to many people.

  3. Thanks! This is one of my favorites too. The only problem with painting candy is that I end up eating it!

  4. Linda,

    I love the painting of the candy and how you were inspired by our wacky group.

    Do you think we had too much fun? I don't.


  5. Love this! We do not laugh enough, so any painting
    that inspires laughter is a winner.

  6. This is funny - didn't notice the words at first, so it made it even better when I did...especially love the wacky pictures to back up the story.


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