Sunday, August 10, 2014

Toot's Tavern
Toot's Tavern - 8x6"- oil on canvas panel
I really like this neon sign with the naked lady in a martini glass. So retro! So politically incorrect! (So hard to paint!) The only way to have it show up in a painting was to do it at night--and even then, it wasn't all that dark, because there was a street light in front of the building. You can see the shadow of the light pole on the left.

When I delivered my work to the gallery, one of the other artists asked if I had fun. I said, "Yes, but I sweat blood over them." He laughed, and said, "Yes, we all do!"

This is another painting for the Valona Paint-out in Crockett, CA. It can be seen at Epperson Gallery

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