Friday, March 2, 2012

The Sun Pours Down Like Honey (Study)

The Sun Pours Down Like Honey (Study) - Oil on Panel - 6" x 6"
One of the reasons for doing these small paintings is that they can be studies for larger works. I really like this as a small painting, so am now working on an 18" x 18" of the same subject. When the California Art Club had their Winter Symposium last month, they requested that artists submit paintings for a critique session. Well, I was having doubts about the foreground, so I submitted this study. It was somewhat shocking to see this little 6" x 6" painting projected on a screen to 12 x 12' in front of 200 artists! The study was critiqued by a panel, but they liked it and didn't think the foreground was a problem at all!

Translating this small thing into a large one is a lot harder than you'd think. Humm.. How many times have I used the word "hard" on this blog? Does it sound like I'm whining? If it weren't hard, I wouldn't feel so good when it's done. There's a real elation to solving a difficult problem (like how to paint shiny mud in this case)!

Oh, and yes, I took the title from a Leonard Cohen song.

This one will not be for sale till I complete the larger one.

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