Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Flowing to the Sea

...Point Isabel...
 oil on canvas panel - 12 x 16"

Ah, Point Isabel, part of the East Bay Park System... This is also a really nice dog park! It's fun to come here and just watch the dogs! You can see San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge from here, but I didn't put it in. There is already a lot going on in this painting! 

This is a layered painting that took several days to complete. It's hard to tell from the computer screen, but there are areas of transparent as well as opaque paint. I love playing transparent and opaque against each other!


  1. Boy! Does that light look so impressive!!! The sun is shinning right through those trees! I love your use of transparent and opaque colors as well as how my eye follows out to the sea! That painting is a winner!!

  2. Thanks, Judy! I am painting this place again, only larger.


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