Saturday, October 17, 2009


...Nestled In...
oil on canvas on panel - 6" x 6"

Today was damp and cold, so I stayed in and framed paintings. I have a show coming up at the end of the month, and need to get everything ready. It's amazing how much more complete the paintings look in frames! This one is in a floater frame which shows the artwork all the way to the edges. You can see the pink underpainting.


  1. I love the painting and the frame, I was suprised to hear it was a floater frame, it is so nice and wide, may I ask where you bought it? Is it a ready made one or do you make them up yourself? The frame can really make a difference to a painting.

  2. Thank you, Diana. The painting is on a Raymar panel, which is less than 1/4" thick, so I used a floater frame for panels from Frankin Frames This is the only floater for panels that I am aware of. They only have them in black and maple. I had to use glue to secure the panel in the frame, so I used Liquid Nails, which is what Carol Marine uses.

  3. Thanks so much Linda for the info, much appreciated!


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