Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mill Run

...Mill Run...
oil on canvas - 8" x 6"

I was painting with the international plein air artists' group when I did this one. Every year we get together for a week of painting on location, taking turns going to each others' countries. This year the USA was the host country, and we were painting in Western Maryland, near Deep Creek Lake, Swallow Falls and Friendsville which was all beautiful! And the people were so friendly and generous! And, yes, we did see wild bears, but they didn't hang around long enough to pose for a painting (or even a photograph for that matter).

While I was painting, one of the other artists took my picture...

Heavens! I look like I am totally concentrating on it, which I guess I was...

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  1. Hi, Linda,
    You do look like you are concentrating but that is good. Wanted to check with you to see what you have been doing. I grew up in West Virginia and you may remember me.
    Ruth Housley


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