Sunday, April 12, 2009

Daffodils II - SOLD

...Daffodils II...
Oil on canvas - 6" x 6"

I am starting to realize that I tend to group my subjects in groups of two, while as an artist, I know that groups of three, or odd numbered groups are considered more interesting. I wonder if there is a deeper significance here? Or is it just that when working on a 6" square that I want to complete that day, I just don't want a lot of detail. A lot of daily painters just paint single objects... maybe I should try that?

But when you have two, or more, they seem to relate to each other, so it seems to give the painting a story, if only in the viewer's mind. What is the story here?


  1. I think your two daffadils look like like two buddies that are comfortable with each other. They are together but not talking or looking at each other, just enjoying each others company. How nice..


  2. You know, I don't worry about it. If two seems the right number, that's what I paint. If 3 or 4 or 5 or whatever feels right, then that's fine too. I've done a lot of little paintings with 2 objects. I like the way 2 things relate to each other. Like the way these 2 flowers do.

  3. One or two, you got a wonderful variety of greens in your foliage - very nice!


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